2011 Lego Advent Calendar: Day 9

Sorry I was such a brat yesterday. While I am still underwhelmed by yesterday’s Lego offering, there was no need for me to act as I did. I apologize. I hope you can forgive me, and I hope the Lego Calendar forgives me too.

It’s been decided that yesterday’s item is indeed a Prison Cot and not a Dumb Desk. Arrange your Lego accordingly.

To help kick things off today, look at this. It’s the Advent Calendar from Christmas Vacation. Someone actually made it! If the thing burped out Lego, than it would be my favorite Advent Calendar.

Also, before we begin, does anyone want a cherry candy cane? I bought a whole box, and I really can only eat one before I remember that I don’t like cherry candy canes. Plus, with the beard, eating candy canes is precarious.

On to today’s item. No matter what it is, I’ll be happy. I promise.

It’s Bernie!


Yes! Yes! Yes!

Nine days ago I wrote about how I wanted Bernie the Fisherman. Now he’s here. He doesn’t come with the fishing pole – that must be another day’s trophy – but his accessories are even better.

He has two hatchets! Two!

The hatchets coupled with his amazing green coat and sunglasses are proof that this is not Bernie the Fisherman.

No. “Bernie” is his alter-ego. Being a fisherman is his “day job.”

At night, while the innocent sleep and the villainous lurk, Bernie stalks the town of Barbaria issuing vigilante justice. This town needs a hero who works beyond the law, and that hero is…

The Winter Wraith!

By turning his hood around, mild-mannered fisherman Bernie becomes The Winter Wraith, a vigilante like no other. Armed with his two hatchets, he fights crime using his own set of rules. And those rules are:

    Always serve justice.
    Always eat a healthy lunch.
    Kill only those who would kill you.
    Don’t install software updates until all the bugs have been worked out.
    Never brush your teeth South to North.
    Never trust the government.

Now let us watch The Winter Wraith take down a thief.

Day 9 Rating:
3.6 out of 4 (Points deducted because I’m a bit frightened of The Winter Wraith. Luckily he’s on our side. I hope.)