2011 Lego Advent Calendar: Day 1!!!!!!!!

It’s here! It’s finally here! This is the first day of the glorious Lego Advent Calendar. If you have no idea what the Lego Advent Calendar is, it’s a calendar that counts down the days until Christmas. Behind each cardboard door is a daily Lego treasure. Click here to read last year’s epic month of plastic.

I know some religions treat Advent with reverence, as it relates to the birth of Jesus, but I doubt anyone is buying the Lego Advent Calendar to help develop their relationship with God.

Looking at the box, this year’s calendars seems downright sinister! Something is wrong in this Lego world. Something wicked is afoot. There is trouble on the streets. The only law is anarchy! Is the town corrupt? Can anyone save this Christmas? There are Lego handcuffs!!?!

Why can’t I open all the doors now!!!!???

I’m not gazing too closely at the box art, because that will give away some of the surprises. Last year’s box featured Cynthia, the sausage girl, and oh how I pined for that woman. I don’t see anything quite as spectacular as a girl holding sausage, though if you look in the lower left corner you will see…Bernie, the fisherman!

He has a fish! And a pole! And…(calm down). Bernie will arrive when Bernie is good and ready.

Enough chit-chat! Let’s get started. Last year, the first day brought forth Robot Snowman. What do you think lives behind this door number one?

Jerry “The Walrus” Callahan.

I’m calling him Jerry “The Walrus” Callahan, because that’s clearly his name. Why do they call him “The Walrus”? If you find out, it’s too late.

He’s up to no good. You can tell because there’s a gold tooth in that threatening smile and he has stubbly facial hair. (We can be beard buddies!) He’s wearing a ratty gray sports jacket and a striped bad-guy shirt. I like his cap, and his red neckerchief just screams, “Not so fast.”

But what the hell is the random white brick doing here? Is that snow? Is it his change cup?

It could be a leg rest.

Or a step ladder.

Hmm…I’m intrigued. Where are you taking me, Lego Advent Calendar?

Day 1 Rating: 2.9 out of 4. (Points deducted because he’s far less holiday-themed than Robot Snowman, but I’m digging the criminal vibe.)

Check back tomorrow.

UPDATE: I just realized The Walrus is a criminal because he has a prison number on his striped bad-guy shirt!!!! This is bad, man. This is real bad. And I love it.