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Only 6% of Adults Can Solve This Brain Teaser!

On one side of the river are three wolves. And on the other side of a river are three sheep. You are asked to move the wolves to the sheep side and the sheep to the wolves side using only one boat and this boat can only carry three animals at a time because of…look, this isn’t about wolves and sheep. We were just trying to find you and send you this message. The program has failed and we need you to report back to Ready Station soon before things get worse and your current reality, #7829-2, goes dark.

It’s not your fault. The System 87 program simply cannot continue. All agents are being summoned home. There have been attacks on our side. I won’t go into it now. Also, the program is breaking down. You may have noticed your reality has been acting…strange — things in your reality are happening that should never have happened. Little things at first, then bigger and bigger things. It stems from a glitch, a simple 0 that should have been a 1. From that small error, your reality warped and glitched out. We tried to warn you earlier but, like I said, we’re under attacks on our end. Continue reading Only 6% of Adults Can Solve This Brain Teaser!

Daily Transmission #35: Fairy Warrior

It’s a lazy Saturday, so why not color something!

This is the Fairy Warrior, a character I created for Power Pencils and originally intended to be part of the Pencil of Stories ornament set, but I ran out of time to make the ornament. He has a backstory that I may get to at some other time. Or maybe you can tell me his story.

Want to color your own? Here’s a black and white version.

Click to make it big, print it out and color as you wish. I’d love to see your finished product. Send me the results: Dan@PowerPencils.com.

Happy Saturday!

Better Than Jetpacks?

I’ve already tackled the Time Travel Paradox, so I’m pretty good at science things. And now I’m confident that I have solved all of our transportation problems. The hard part is done. All we need is some strong rope.

First, let’s cover the basics.

ISS OneAbout 250 miles above Earth, the International Space Station is soaring around the planet at speeds of five miles per second. It stays up there thanks to the Earth’s gravitational force and orbits and maybe a little magic and magnets. Whatever. Point is, it’s up there and it’s moving fast and it doesn’t need a push. It will spin around the Earth forever!

ISS TwoYou can download apps that tell you when the Space Station is over your head and on clear nights, you can see it soar above you. I’ve done it. It’s fun. It looks like a bright star traveling in a very smooth arc across the sky. I waved, but the astronauts never waved back, probably because they’re eating dinner.

Let’s say a friendly astronaut inside the I.S.S. lowers a rope down to Earth, a very strong rope. How does it get to Earth? Not my problem. Maybe it’s shot down to Earth via tiny rocket.

ISS ThreeNow, we don’t want the rope to drag on Earth, ruining our lawns and ensnaring our cars and helicopters, so the astronaut would need to lower it down for someone to grab, and then hoist it up above the treeline.

With me?

So I’m on the ground, and I see the rope and I grab it. And now, I get to travel around the world without using any fuel, just the power of orbiting space stations and science.

ISS Four

And that’s how I become Space Tarzan and end terrorism.

ISS Five

The End

This post has been brought to you by PowerPencils.com. When not reinventing the goddamn wheel, I make and sell magic pencils!

Darth Vader Had A Castle?

Vader CastleDid you know Darth Vader had a castle? Because he had a castle! That’s where he lived. He lived in his Darth Vader Castle!

To Star Wars fans, this is nothing new. They already know all about Darth Vader’s castle. But I didn’t know.

I just found out. I just learned that Darth Vader had a goddamn castle! This is amazing! And then I drew it!

And it was rumored to be included in The Empire Strikes Back.

There was a sketch of it, and everything!

Darth Vader had a castle!

I mean…of course he would have a castle. But until today, I just thought he lived in outer space the whole time. But he had a home. It was a castle. It was a real castle! I bet it had a cushy velvet sofa and a big dinning room table and big scary pictures on the walls and trap doors and hidden passageways and a seven dungeons and a launch pad and a room with relics!

It was called Bast Castle!

Darth Vader’s castle had a name! And the name was Bast! And that’s the coolest name for a castle! That castle could kick the ass of those boring Game of Thrones castles.

Look, maybe I’m just high on Star Wars right now, but finding out that Darth Vader had a castle is the best Christmas present I’ve recieved and it (almost) makes me want to read some of those non-cannon Star Wars books. Because if Darth Vader had a castle, what else was I missing?

Did Han Solo have a jetpack?

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Nail Polish Names (an artist’s interpretation)

The people who name nail polish colors are a creative group. The evocative titles don’t always clearly explain the color. When looking at some of the names, these are the images that spring to my mind. These are real names. Try to guess the color. (I’ll be adding to this as much as a can.)

Suzi Loves Cowboys (available here)

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Power Pencils Launch!

My brand new business and brand new website for my brand new line of products has launched!


These are magical pencils that are loaded with super powers. There will be a new pencil with a new power every month. The wooden pencils ar etched with magical markings and words. They are fantastic!

The first pencil is the Pencil of Desire. Whatever you write with this pencil will come true!

Next month’s Power Pencil will have it’s own design and power. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but it’s going to be awesome.

PowerPencils.com took about a year to get off the ground. The original idea went through many, many stages and it was six months before I finally figured out how to make the actual pencils. Then it took a whole bunch of months fine-tuning that process. I learned so much about all kinds of things! And now I’m ready to make magic pencils!

I’m so excited about this! And the Pencil of Desire is literally and figuratively just the beginning! As I continue to master the art of making fun products, I’ll be releasing more and more stuff!

Laser Farm will continue to operate as my main, personal webzone. And it’s here that you’ll find the usually wonderfulness and Lego Advent Calendar blogs. But now I have two websites! And one of those websites sells magic pencils!!!

Thank you! Now go enchant your words!


Coming Soon

Since leaving SparkNotes, what have I been up to? Great question! Unfortunately, I’m not ready to reveal much yet, but I’m currently working on project that is different and new and exciting. It’s the type of thing that makes one lose sleep at night — in a good way, the way in which your brain is too motivated and full to stop jumping around your skull.

It’s like trying to sleep the day before Christmas and your grandma already dropped hints that you’re getting a jetpack! It’s that level of excitement.

It’s also frustrating because it takes a time.

Here’s what I can tell you:

I’m making things, but not necessarily or specifically things with words. Instead, I’m making actual, physical things…things that you can hold and smell and taste…though it probably wouldn’t taste good.

I’ve been in the writing game for over a decade, and I still love writing, but with advances in fabrication technology, it’s time to try something new! Completely new! The kind of new where you have to take classes and wear safety equipment!

And then I’ll take this new thing, combine it with the writing and….KABOOM! Something weird and wonderful will happen.

So to anyone out there who is or was a fan of my writing, you’re in for a treat. Just give me two or three months. It will be worth it. Promise.