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Possible Reasons Why The Guy in the Car Behind Me At the Red Light Honked His Horn At Me

A guy behind me at a red light honked his horn. While we were both turning right, it was not safe to turn on red.

I’ll never know why he honked. But I have a few possible reasons…

  • He had nothing to do with it. A bee just stung the middle of his steering wheel.
  • He thought my car was not a car, but a collection of birds grouped together in car-shape and that by honking the horn, the birds would dissipate and he could be well on his way to the opera.
  • The horn wasn’t meant for me. He was the time keeper for a basketball game occurring a few blocks away, and he just ran out to get a coffee and now he realized the quarter just ended so…HONK!
  • He didn’t honk the horn. What I heard was the sonic-honk of a nearby duck breaking the sound barrier.
  • His dad never let him try out for the school play.
  • Me a big dumbo with no foot on go-go pedal! Me thank him for remembering me to vroom!
  • The car behind him was driven by the old man who died 10 years ago on this very day, on this very road!
  • If he presses the horn, maybe Julie will get back together with him.
  • He thinks I’m handsome.
  • He’s a spy who just found out the bomb is hidden inside the frame of the painting, and if the kindergarten class trip stands in front of the painting, the bomb goes off and…guess what…the spy’s cell phone has been hacked so he can’t call the museum and has only minutes to make it to the museum and protect the innocent!
  • He filled his car with too much horn juice, and it was spilling out of his air vents. By honking the horn, he drains the excess horn juice.
  • He thought I was a bank robber getting away, and his honk was meant to signal the police and tell them, “I’ve found him, police officers. He’s over here! I am the Batman of this street.”
  • Like music in a movie, the honk sound added much-needed dramatic accompaniment to his Monster Energy Drink sticker.
  • If he doesn’t get to the zoo by 4 o’clock, the red pandas will already have eaten! And then what’s the point?
  • It’s his first time driving.
  • Because this isn’t even about me, bro.
  • He’s blind and the only way he can drive is by using echo-location. The sound of the horn bouncing off nearby objects is how he navigates.
  •  He just saw the new trailer for Fast and Furious 8!
  • He’s better than me. I forgot, but the horn reminded me. I’ll call him later to apologize for my crimes.
  • His radio is stuck in the in-between space where you hear a little static, but if he just pulls up a few inches, the station comes in clear. So I should move up a bit.
  • He’s diarrhea-ing all over.
  • His buddy just scored some sick vape juice (apricot) and the weekend is starting early, son!
  •  He just realized all of his tattoos are pathetic and he lowered his head in shame, thus pressing the horn with his forehead.
  • He knows the sound waves of a horn can break up the clouds in the sky, preventing rain and thus saving his trip to the cabin!
  • He was expressing himself through his music.
  • He just read The Secret and was becoming the master of his own reality.
  • He was honking away The Froglins, a race of evil frog goblins who are allergic to loud noises.
  • He just got off work and no one else in the entire country worked today besides him, so he deserves this.
  • Trump won.

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