Monster of the Day #14: Thesh

Name: Thesh

Powers: Thesh is a demonic snake with hair made of tiny people. If you stare at the Thesh, nothing will happen. But if a stone stares at the Thesh or, more likely, if the Thesh stares at a stone, the stone will turn into a person.

Weaknesses: Ladders. The vacuum of space. Lava. Panthers.

Origin: Thesh was once the pet of an evil sorceress named Tina. During a mountain hike with her pet, Tina was crushed to death in an avalanche of confused naked people.

Rules: The rocks that the Thesh turns into people are generally annoying and brag a lot about college. If you’re near a person who brags about college, chances are that person is a former rock.

Description: Snake with people for hair. The people are genuinely nice and have the cutest Irish accents.