Monster of the Day #13: The Bxyv3urx

Name: The Bxyv3urx (Pronounced “Bxyv3ur-Ten”)

Powers: None. It’s just really weird.

Weaknesses: Salt water. Cinnamon water. Lava. Heavy shovels. Fists.

Origin: The Bxyv3urx comes from the Yz-pz dimension, a deranged place where things are unusual and bizarre. For instance, in the Yz-pz dimension corn is called “sun carrots.” Isn’t that completely bonkers?!? And…um…well actually, the whole corn thing is the only weird part of the Yz-pz dimension besides The Bxyv3urx. It’s a very normal place. They have great soups.

Rules: The Bxyv3urx considers it rude to talk in a bathroom.

Description: The Bxyv3urx is roughly the size of a dog and does not have horns.