Lego Advent Calendar: Day 1

Advent calendars are fun ways for kids (and adults) to countdown the days until Christmas. The calendar has 24 “doors” that hide a treat. Most Advent calendars house a tiny piece of gritty chocolate behind their cardboard doors. Not so with the mighty Lego Calendar.

With a Lego calendar, each day is treated with a new Lego “thing” that will eventually create a wonderful and strange holiday scene. These calendars are nothing new, but the popularity has been on the rise for the past few years, as stores such as Target and even online retailers sell out of them well before December 1st. You can still find one on ebay, or in some book stores, but expect to pay slightly more than the typical $30-$40 price range.

My girlfriend gave me this as an early Christmas present. I never had a Lego Advent Calendar before, but I’m pretty sure this is going to be the greatest thing of my entire life. Each day in December, I will open and reveal the bricky goodness inside. And each day, I will be hoping to get the “Sausage Girl” figure.

I do my best to avoid looking too closely at the box. I want each day to be a surprise. But you can’t miss Sausage Girl. She’s the hidden star of the box, hiding out on the left holding a sausage in her bare hands. Why is she holding a sausage in her bare hands? What does this have to do with Christmas? Why can’t I open all the doors right now!?


I never wanted a Sausage Girl Lego figure before, but now it’s my goal in life to own this Lego oddity. And I shall name her Cynthia, because that is her name.

Enough chit-chat! Let’s get to opening!!!

The calendar opens up, and features the numbered doors at the top and a play mat at the bottom that I guess is meant to look like a typical living room. I’m not sure if I’m going to use the mat to display my Lego Scene. We’ll see.

The numbered section is a game in itself, as you must find the correct day in a fury of anxiety reminiscent of my Where’s Waldo nightmares and daymares. Luckily, I cheated yesterday and already knew where Door #1 was located.

And Day #1 is…ROBOT SNOWMAN!

Though he’s no Cynthia the Sausage Girl, Robot Snowman is a pretty great way to start December. I’m not sure if he’s meant to be a robot, but he looks like one to me. (Most things do.) So I shall call him Robot Snowman.

If you’re playing along at home, I recommend you have a work area nearby, as the pieces are smaller than I anticipated, and I nearly lost a Lego Nugget. Luckily, the kind people of Lego included three extra pieces…which I will save and use to build the ultimate EXTRA THING at the end of the month. Or maybe I’ll just use the extra pieces to decorate the inside of my trash can.

Robot Snowman comes with a broom, hat, and long carrot nose. He doesn’t have eyes, but that’s OK because he’s a robot. And I’m sure there’s some children’s story about a snowman who has no eyes and then one day Santa realizes he needs an eye-less snowman in order to save Christmas.

Day 1 Rating: 3.3 out of a possible 4. (Points deducted for not holding a sausage)

Check back tomorrow, when Door #2 will be bashed in and I retrieve my prize like an overzealous S.W.A.T. team member. Here’s to hoping Cynthia the Sausage Girl awaits.