2017 Lego Advent Calendar: Day 20

Over the next few days, there will only be 4 hours of daylight because the sun hates Christmas.

These dark days of winter can get you down, and the stress of holiday shopping and preparations only adds to the choking darkness.

That’s when I turn to Lego. It’s when we all need it most. I simply eat three Lego pieces and I feel much, much better.

If we can get through this week, things will get brighter and brighter. That’s not greeting card crap, it’s straight-up science.

Until then, maybe the daily Lego thing can help cheer us up!

In today’s calendar we get…

A Maniac Killer!

Or maybe he’s a lumberjack or woodland rescue person. I want him to be friendly, but there’s something about him that I don’t trust. Maybe it’s the smirk. Maybe it’s his hat. Or it could be the Head Pruner tool he carries.

I know my way around a wood shop and I can say with certainty that this saw is designed for lopping off heads. Used primarily by mad scientists and puzzle-themed serial killers, the Head Pruner saw packs enough horse power and torque to remove even your most stubborn of heads.

I will name this guy Barnum.

Delores took the Head Pruner saw and said, “This is how we parted our hair in my day. We didn’t need any of them fancy combs or brushes or mirrors. We had a saw and we were happy to have even that!”

Everyone was a little unsure about Barnum and what he intended to do with the saw. Lulu radioed in to the FBI, but the background check came back clear as an icicle.

Maybe we should give Barnum a chance. Maybe he’s here to prune the Christmas tree instead of heads.

And you might be wondering if I will now show pictures of Lego heads that have been lopped off. No. I won’t go there. It’d be easy enough to do, simply pop off a few heads and take a picture and make up some grisly CSI: North Pole scenario. But I refuse. We don’t need that right now. It’s Christmas. Instead, here’s a picture of Clara offering him cookies.

Robot Snowman welcomed him with open arms, because his arms are always open.

Day 20 Rating:
4.2 out of 5 (I fear him. But I respect him, too.)

See you tomorrow!

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