2017 Lego Advent Calendar: Day 4

I had to go to Target yesterday and buy a strand of lights for my Christmas tree. (Never buy a pre-lit Christmas tree. I did and now, ten years later, I have a tree with a full strand of dead lights that are woven and welded and fused with the tree in such a manner that it would take Dumbledore and the Infinity Gauntlet working in tandem to separate the lights from the tree.)

Purchasing lights at Target should have been easy, but thanks to shopping carts it turned into a nine-hour battle. These wheeled road blocks made navigating the aisles impossible. I was trapped in the corridors of commerce and if I stopped to weep, I would hear the hungry roar of the Minotaur as it hunted in its labyrinth made not of stone but reasonably-priced merchandise! Or maybe I was just cranky.

I understand the need for shopping carts, but it’s a common courtesy to park your cart along the side of the aisle. If you leave your cart in the middle of the aisle, perpendicular to the walls, then yes, I will toss a raw egg into your cart. And what can you do about that? Call the police? Ha!

Today the Lego calendar coughs up…

A Chair, Mini-Tree, and Lamp!

This is wonderfully retro! I love it! It’s groovy, but not in an obnoxious, Austin Powers way.

In my mind, this fits in with a house from the 1960s. You can almost imagine the jazzy music playing while people on the brink of infidelity enjoy cocktails made of vodka, tuna water and pistachios. It’s a real cool time, man. Real cool.

And that little tree is so perfect that I want to eat it just so the people at the emergency room will see it on the X-ray of my esophagus and laugh and say, “Is that a little Lego Christmas tree? Wait till they hear about this at the Christmas party!”

Melvin assumed the lamp was a Snowboarding Trophy because he’s self-centered and can’t imagine anything NOT being specifically for him.

Mrs. Claus set him straight. Then she sat down and told Melvin all about how, as a kid, she was too poor for a radio and so she made her own radio out of her lips, and then she whistled for fifty minutes.

Today’s Rating: 4 out of 5 (Easy! Maybe even higher. I really dig this.)

The chair came with extra pieces, and so I made a bigger, little fake tree.

See you tomorrow!

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