50 Story Ideas for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

Writing a novel is hard. Writing a novel in one month is almost impossible! November is National Novel Writing Month, a fun event that dares you to write an entire novel in thirty stressful days. But time is already running out! Where will you get your ideas? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. If you’re stuck for a story idea or plot, turn any of these into a bestselling novel!

1. An orphan is having a hell of a time.
2. Three friends become friends with another human person.
3. A magic tiger just can’t seem to get it together.
4. Petunia discovers all sorts of things regarding a variety of topics.
5. A character changes as a result of several events.
6. The Old Navy store is closed, but the parking lot is full.
7. Gender-swapped Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
8. A story about a bee named Tapioca.
9. Pool party at Harriett’s!
10. Three dogs are transported.

11. A story that Jennifer Lawrence would later be interested in turning into a movie.
12. Everything in your medicine cabinet comes to life at night.
13. A horse dresses as a chicken and, in doing so, learns.
14. Someone is murdered.
15. A middle-aged couple spends the weekend pricing boats.
16. It’s the end of high school, but before you can get into prom, everyone gets to see you all-the-way naked.
17. Superhero with the power of height.
18. What happens when two parrots grow up in an isolated room? Whom is mimicking whom?
19. Moby Dick written as a recipie.
20. It’s Christmas Eve and then it’s not.
21. Typed out transcript of your favorite YouTuber’s latest video.
22. Political commentary thinly veiled behind story of indecisive zookeeper.
23. A worried mom deals with things as best she can.
24. Is that the North Star? No.
25. Two friends build a railroad to a fantasy realm while desperately avoiding any talk of religion.
26. Batman’s at it again. And this time…well, I don’t want to spoil it.
27. Who left the photo in the conference room, Joel?
28. Mmmonkeys!
29. A rhododendron grows in an unlikely place.
30. A princess falls in love with twenty-three snakes tied together in man-shape.
31. Tarzan vs Online Criticism.
32. A woman has three hats, but by story’s end, she has five hats and only minutes to live.
33. The new girl at school thinks baby carrots are young carrots.
34. A travel-sized bottle of shampoo goes nowhere.
35. Opposite of a boomerang — instead of returning to you, it flies to the person who is your direct opposite in appearance and personality.
36. Greedy real estate company plans to build a cemetery on top of an old camp site.
37. NCIS fan-fiction.
38. A turkey chili recipe rewritten as Moby Dick.
39. Gwen trains hard to become the final woman on the moon.
40. An alcoholic cop learns to be a better father thanks to advice from Gwen, the final woman on the moon.
41. Where’d the word “belly” come from. That might interesting.
42. A robot named Biven just doesn’t understand human emotions, but — get this — turns out that Biven was just a human in a robot suit the whole goddamn time!
43. The Third Thanksgiving. What happened? Who was there?
44. Amazon doesn’t sell pizza to moms because backwards Amazon is “No Za, Ma!”
45. Cars 4.
46. If a Gremlin dies and goes to heaven, will it look like a Gremlin or a Mogwai in heaven?
47. A boy meets a mermaid and they make it work, somehow.
48. In an alternate future in which the Woodland Act of 1958 was never passed, a group of teens must escape…DEATH BARN!
49. There are pastry chefs, but what about pastry janitors? Ehh? EHHH?
50. One big, 60,000-word lie.

For more help on writing a novel, ask your mom why she’s crying and just write down whatever she says.