Only 6% of Adults Can Solve This Brain Teaser!

On one side of the river are three wolves. And on the other side of a river are three sheep. You are asked to move the wolves to the sheep side and the sheep to the wolves side using only one boat and this boat can only carry three animals at a time because of…look, this isn’t about wolves and sheep. We were just trying to find you and send you this message. The program has failed and we need you to report back to Ready Station soon before things get worse and your current reality, #7829-2, goes dark.

It’s not your fault. The System 87 program simply cannot continue. All agents are being summoned home. There have been attacks on our side. I won’t go into it now. Also, the program is breaking down. You may have noticed your reality has been acting…strange — things in your reality are happening that should never have happened. Little things at first, then bigger and bigger things. It stems from a glitch, a simple 0 that should have been a 1. From that small error, your reality warped and glitched out. We tried to warn you earlier but, like I said, we’re under attacks on our end.

This might be confusing, but hopefully Echo-Leland was able to contact you last night in the dream and so this all isn’t some big shock to your system. Leland did find you, no? He was the man waving in the dream. We hope you spoke with him.

If not…whoa boy.

You were a good sport about this. You took the new memories like a champ. You went above and beyond. Great stuff. And your skills were not lost on the higher ups. Honestly, they were impressed. Even Echo-Leland says he’s never seen an agent with such ability to meld with a reality. Bravo.

And there’s a chance the program will start up again in the fall. Fingers crossed, we’ll eliminate the Origin Glitch and set up a proper reality. But until then, we have to disconnect you. As you know — or maybe you don’t — the only way we can disconnect you is if you return to Ready Station and press your emergency tooth (ninth from the back, left top side).

After that, you’ll wake up back home and we can go over your reentry orientation protocol and get you back in your apartment.


Of course, if you don’t reach Ready Station in time, there’s little we can do. You’ll be stuck in a reality that will continue to twist and deform until it shatters into fragments and burns up. You’ll die a thousand deaths and there’s nothing we can do on our end except watch you suffer and then give you a proper burial.

Hell, it’s hard enough to contact you as is. We’re risking EVERYTHING just to reach out like this as it endangers not only the mission but the entire program. With reality #7829-2 already bending and deforming, we don’t even know if this message will go through.

Again, hopefully Echo-Leland went over this. That would make this much easier.

We understand that this is a lot to digest, and we apologize for how the company is handling everything. However, right now we need to get you out. You’re too valuable.

We need you to do one last thing before disconnect. Find Malcolm. He’s in there. Tall guy, red shirt, talks kinda funny.

Find him and pass along this message: Feather Monument Thunder Fail

He’ll know what it means.

We’ll see you at Ready Station. Consider this your promotion to Falcon. You’ve earned it.

End Transmission