Daily Transmission #3: The Problem With Infinite Realities

The concept of multiple universes or infinite realities seems to have taken hold of our sci-fi/fantasy worlds recently. One basic theory: Every decision you make creates a reality, but there also exists trillions upon billions of other realities based on the decisions you didn’t make. If you drink orange juice in the morning, your reality is based on that decision. Drink milk instead, and another you — an alternate you — will experience an alternate reality with different events.

Walk that theory out past your brain meat and you get something that states: There exists an infinite number of realities in which an infinite number of possibilities occur.

As such, there is a reality for everything — a reality in which you’re reading this on a beach in Hawaii, another in which you’re not reading this at all because you died in a fight with a dinosaur, another reality in which you can’t understand these words because they are not written in Moon Language, your native tongue. There is a reality for every scenario.

Cool stuff, right?

But there’s a huge problem with that thinking, something that has given me headaches and nosebleeds for months.

Consider this: If there are are infinite number of realities, one of those realities must be a reality without any other realities. Therefore, we must be in that reality because there can only be that one reality, because we’re already in it.

Confused? SHUT UP! I’m not an astro-doctor, so it’s difficult to express my think sauce clearly.

Let me try to repeat the idea again with different words.

If there is a reality for every possibility, one of those possibilities must be a reality in which no other realities exist. And if that one reality exists, no other realities can exist…so that must be the one we’re living in.

Get it?

It helps if you’ve been drinking a lot of coffee, but trust me…my findings are sound. And I’m not just saying that so you’ll stop trying to find the Good Dan who is definitely not trapped in the Laser Farm root cellar. So don’t even bother looking there.