Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar: Day 1!!!

Welcome back!!! This is the 5th anniversary of “Blogging the Lego Advent Calendar” and it’s a time to celebrate, reflect, and bruise fingertips as I try to disconnect misplaced mini Lego pieces. I love the Lego calendar more than all other holiday traditions. The concept is this: Every day until Christmas, you open a cardboard door and behold the Lego thing dwelling inside.

If this is your first time reading this, here’s a handy guide to the previous Lego calendar openings.

Year One – This was a glorious time during which a werewolf was given a jetpack and Santa bathed. This calendar was, and will always be, my favorite.

Year Two – A nice assortment of pieces. Some were ho-hum, some were ho-okay, and some were ho-yay.

Year Three – A month spent eating rusty staples would have been a better experience. If you want to see true anger (and an expletive) relive the horror of the Lego Friends Advent Calendar.

Year Four – Wonderful! Last year’s calendar was a fantastic surprise. Nearly every day was great, and then an astronaut showed up and I cried. This was Christmas Joy in the form of plastic bricks.

Which brings us to…

The Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar!!!!

For the fifth anniversary of my first opening, I’m changing things up. Lego puts out three advent calendars in America: The traditional Lego City calendar (which I’ve opened 3 times), the Lego Friends calendar (which is worse than a mouthful of spiders), and the Star Wars calendar.

Last month I briefly looked at the box of the City calendar (you should NEVER look at the box, as there are too many secrets revealed, but I’m a pro so I know exactly when to avert my eyes). The box looked like a retread of previous Lego calendars. More cops? More robbers? Eh…I’m tired of Lego assuming the holidays are associated with crime and punishment.

That left two options, and since I’ll never open a Lego Friends calendar again, I went with the Star Wars calendar.

This means my chance of getting a Lego Mrs. Claus has dwindled to 3%. I can still hope, but I’ve seen the Star Wars movies and I don’t remember Mrs. Claus ever showing up — unless she’s hiding in the back of Jaba’s palace. Hmm.

On the plus side, this means no more Lego cops and burglars which means I can avoid making any broad statement on current social issues surrounding law enforcement.

I was told on Facebook that Lego Mrs. Claus does exist, but only in a $70 Lego Set. As much as I’d like a Mrs. Claus, I can’t justify spending over half-a-hundred dollars for her.

To ensure it will be as much a surprise as possible, my amazing girlfriend once again wrapped the box up to hide the front and back cover. She also placed a bit of wrapping paper over one of the doors because she said it revealed something “cool.” I appreciate that.

And what lies behind the first door??

A blue space tank!

I’m not sure of the official tank’s name, but let’s call it The Doug. It looks like a Doug, right?

Hi Doug!

The Star Wars things are more intricately designed than the standard items in the City Calendar, which makes these more fun/frustrating to build.

You also need to use your imagination muscles to “see” what the ship is meant to represent. To me…it’s a space tank named Doug. To you, it might be an iron or, if your imagination muscles are very strong, you’ll see a T-Rex in a top hat.

I love Star Wars, though I’m not such a huge fan that I memorize all the names and vehicles and weapons. If you’re looking for accurate descriptions of these ships, I recommend you stop reading this or yell at me on Twitter for my disregard for Star Wars technicalities.

But I do love Star Wars. Star Wars was the pop culture centerpiece of my childhood, just as Harry Potter was for the next generation, and Franklin & Bash will be for the future generation.

I grew up dreaming of lightsabers and blasters and droids and The Force. Star Wars is pure fairy tale and belongs in the same room as the tales of Tolkien, Lewis Carroll and that woman who wrote A Wrinkle in Time whose name I never remember. Star Wars is better than Star Trek. Star Wars is better than Game of Thrones. Star Wars, at its best, is better than the Marvel movies at their best. (Though the Marvel flicks can be great.)

And while I won’t try to defend the prequels (for they are bad movies), I also don’t shower them with rage comments. As bad as those movies are, I’d still rather watch them than sit through Transformers 6: Attack On Best Buy [Brought To You By Monster Energy Drink], or Twilight Saga: The Frowning of Murmurs. Even at its worst, Star Wars movies still have a cool mythology and laser swords. And if you watch the prequels with the sound off, they aren’t as terrible.

As for expectations of the new movies, and Christmas, and my pitch for a TLC reality show about Yoda just trying to make it as a little person in this crazy world (Yolo Yoda!), and… crap. This is too long already. More Star Wars thoughts to come.

Today’s Item: 3 stars out of 5 (Points added for laser cannon).

Also…I’m adding this cheap Avengers chocolate Advent Calendar to the mix. I paid $2 for it and it’s already worth the price.

Today’s piece of candy was Thor’s hammer. The candy was small, as if you scraped off the top layer of a Hershey’s miniature. But because Thor’s hammer was embossed on it, the candy tasted like thunder! My stomach was worthy of wielding “Monorail”…which is the spell-checked name of the hammer.

See you tomorrow!

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