2011 Lego Advent Calnedar: Day 10

There are only two weekends left between now and Christmas, and this is one of ’em. Use it wisely. If you haven’t decorated your tree or dyed your eyebrows red by now, time is running out. Consider this the first warning in today’s blog.

Like listening to a two-year-old tell a story, today’s Lego Item is both fascinating and empty. I looked at it for a good three hours trying to decide if it was terrific or mediocre. You will have to read the entire article to find out which side I leaned towards.

It’s a fire and a fish and fishing pole.

The fire is…meh. Last year’s calendar came with a an entire fireplace, complete with flower vase. This year we get two “sticks” and are supposed to walk away feeling satisfied. Hmm.

On the plus side, there’s a fish!

This is my first Lego fish and I’m almost willing to declare, “Lego fish are better than Lego sausage!” Almost.

This fishing pole is also great because the end fits into the fish’s mouth.

How wonderful!

Also? The extra piece of fire can fit in the fish’s mouth. The Winter Wraith has a new weapon against villainy! Commit a crime and you’ll have to answer to the flaming fish!

Day 10 Rating: 2.8 out of 4 (Points deducted because there could have been more. Points added because the fish can eat the fire.)

By the way, The Winter Wraith uses the fishing pole to capture criminals by the head. Consider this your second warning of this blog.