An Angry Writer

As a freelance writer in 2016, I don’t have the luxury of choice when it comes to assignments. I take what I can get and am thankful for all work that comes my way. Two years ago, a friend of mine landed a job at a company called Mode Media and she reached out to me during her hunt for freelancers. This friend is a great person, and no part of the following rant is directed at her. She’s cool. The company she worked for was not cool. (She’s probably reading this, and wishing she could correct my grammar and spelling!)

Mode Media was a clickbait site that wanted, I assume, to become some sort of Pinterest/Buzzfeed hybrid. The work was easy — make a few listicles every week and get paid once a month.

And then they stopped paying me. At first, they would send out apologetic emails saying how they understand my frustration and that they are working hard to make sure their writers are paid. Three months later, I would receive payment, but usually only after I begged like a Charles Dickens character and promised to eat all my vegetables.

I’ve ranted before about freelancers forced to beg for their payment. It’s awful.

And I know that as a freelancer, a gig can end at any time. I accept that.

But Mode closed up shop this week, firing all employees and leaving freelancers twisting in the wind. They still owe me money for three months of work. I will never see that money. Continue reading An Angry Writer