Power Pencils Launch!

My brand new business and brand new website for my brand new line of products has launched!


These are magical pencils that are loaded with super powers. There will be a new pencil with a new power every month. The wooden pencils ar etched with magical markings and words. They are fantastic!

The first pencil is the Pencil of Desire. Whatever you write with this pencil will come true!

Next month’s Power Pencil will have it’s own design and power. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but it’s going to be awesome.

PowerPencils.com took about a year to get off the ground. The original idea went through many, many stages and it was six months before I finally figured out how to make the actual pencils. Then it took a whole bunch of months fine-tuning that process. I learned so much about all kinds of things! And now I’m ready to make magic pencils!

I’m so excited about this! And the Pencil of Desire is literally and figuratively just the beginning! As I continue to master the art of making fun products, I’ll be releasing more and more stuff!

Laser Farm will continue to operate as my main, personal webzone. And it’s here that you’ll find the usually wonderfulness and Lego Advent Calendar blogs. But now I have two websites! And one of those websites sells magic pencils!!!

Thank you! Now go enchant your words!