12 Mind-Melting Optical Illusions You Will Not Believe!

Take a deep breath and dive into these eye tricks and treats!

1. The Gentleman Sparrow

Stare at these dots for one minute without blinking. Then stare at the back of your hand for three minutes, blinking rapidly. An image of a sparrow in a top hat will appear after three minutes. (Room must be silent.)

2. The Ants Dance

Look at the ants in the image above. Unfocus your eyes and slowly move your head towards the red dot in the center. As your nose reaches the dot, the ants will begin to wiggle and move and finally the ants will appear to spell out a very unusual word. It may take a few attempts. Never give up!

3. Chatty Arthur
By looking at this image through a paper towel roll, keeping both eyes open (left eye looking through the roll at the spiral, right eye looking straight ahead at Arthur), you will notice the man appears to be moving his mouth!

4. The Nag and The Hag

Can you spot the evil old woman hiding in this drawing of a horse? Try looking at it from the corner of your eye.

5. The Color Conundrum

Your perception of color changes with age. Stare at the box below.

If you are younger than 18 years old, you will see green dots on a red background.
If you are between the ages of 18 and 45, you will see green dots on a blue background.
If you are over the age of 45, you will yellow dots on a green background.

6. The Red Ghost
First, look at something bright red. (Pink will not work.) Now hold your two index fingers in front of your face so that the fingers are barely touching and you can still see the red item in the background. With fingers in the air, look at the red item for about thirty seconds. Now close your eyes as hard as possible. Did you feel that? Pretty crazy, right?!

7. Celebrity Zebra
Stare at the zebra stripes for one minute. Now stare at something blue. The face of Johnny Depp should appear.

8. Triangle Trouble
How many triangles do you see in this image? The answer might surprise you!

9. Rocket Tilt
By tilting your head 90-degrees and looking at these three tiny rockets, you should suddenly feel weightless and will be unable to use your feet. This is due to an early human fear response.

10. The Monkey Cage
You can put the monkey in the cage by staring at the star for ninety seconds and then staring indirectly at a mirror for two minutes. The images will slowly combine.

11. Three Shades of Gray
One of these color boxes is actually red. Can you tell which one?

12. George Clooney’s Secret
If you hold George Clooney’s autograph up to a mirror, you’ll find a secret, erotic message!