Coming Soon

Since leaving SparkNotes, what have I been up to? Great question! Unfortunately, I’m not ready to reveal much yet, but I’m currently working on project that is different and new and exciting. It’s the type of thing that makes one lose sleep at night — in a good way, the way in which your brain is too motivated and full to stop jumping around your skull.

It’s like trying to sleep the day before Christmas and your grandma already dropped hints that you’re getting a jetpack! It’s that level of excitement.

It’s also frustrating because it takes a time.

Here’s what I can tell you:

I’m making things, but not necessarily or specifically things with words. Instead, I’m making actual, physical things…things that you can hold and smell and taste…though it probably wouldn’t taste good.

I’ve been in the writing game for over a decade, and I still love writing, but with advances in fabrication technology, it’s time to try something new! Completely new! The kind of new where you have to take classes and wear safety equipment!

And then I’ll take this new thing, combine it with the writing and….KABOOM! Something weird and wonderful will happen.

So to anyone out there who is or was a fan of my writing, you’re in for a treat. Just give me two or three months. It will be worth it. Promise.