Dollar Store Art!

If you’ve been spying on my Instagram photos, you know I enjoy taking art from the dollar store and then making it more artful.

The first step is finding great dollar store art. While writing up this list of 100 Best Dollar Store Items for Maxim, I learned that the dollar store had more to offer than just scary meats and pregnancy tests. They also sold statues!

Not every dollar store us created (or stocked) equally. My girlfriend and I drove about 40 miles and visited about five or six dollar stores to find just the right stuff. I like the animal busts. These nicknacks are wonderfully weird even if you don’t modify them with colors. Well worth a buck each.

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The Time I Joined a Writing Group

Writing is a lonely, lonely job. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a staff position at a media company, a writer will spend their working hours in a bubble of solitude. It’s possible and likely that a writer will spend days or decades without conversing with other human beings unless saying, “Number one, with cheese,” counts as conversation.

One possible solution to the loneliness is to join a writer’s group, where like-minded word artists can meet and discuss the work and passion of writing. Such groups will help inspire, motivate, and blow away the cobwebs of a lonely writer’s mind! Or so I thought.

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