Monster of the Day #69: Wrath Tub

Name: Wrath Tub

Powers: The beast has strong tentacles with a very sharp fang on each. Number of known tentacles is 39…40 if you count its tentacle-esque eye.

Weaknesses: Friendship. Helicopter missiles.

Origin: Hard to explain, and you wouldn’t believe me anyway. Jerk.

Rules: Don’t sing. Singing beckons the beast.

Last Seen: Tuesday.

Middle School Comics

In honor of Free Comic Book Day (this Saturday, May 4th), I offer the following golden memory.

My favorite comic books when I was in middle school were The Punisher and The New Warriors. The Punisher was all about over-the-top macho violence and revenge — like Batman with guns. The New Warriors were a horribly-named third-tier team of teenage superheroes whose roster included characters Night Thrasher (like Batman with a skateboard) and Speedball (a guy who had the power to bounce).

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